Group trip information for group rafting on the Nantahala

We are the Only Outfitter in the USA who Designs and Manufactures their own line of White Water Rafts..
We also are the Only Outfitters who make their own White Water Paddles.
We also manufacture our own Booties, splash Suits, Throw Bags, etc..

Group Trip Information This is by Far,, Not our Larger Trips.. Ha.. I just wasn’t thinking about taking pictures to update this page when it was… Ha..Ha…

Why did we go through so much trouble developing these things? We did this to keep our costs down to give you great rates, while still having the best equipment that can be had..
Everything we purchase these days has just about doubled in price over the last 5 years.. Most people think these boats are $600 or $700.. Ha..Ha.. I wish.. Try $3600.00 each..
We have managed to keep our Self Guided prices the same for the last 10 years.
We raised our Guided Trip prices $2.00 in 10 years because the Minimum Wage increases. Should we have raised our Rental prices, yes..
Gas has gone from $1.87/gallon to an average of $3.50/gallon during our season. Some years $4.50 plus.
We are doing what we can to keep this activity reasonable, but, wow,, this is really getting ridiculous.

Why have we started making our own products? Well,, cost of course,, but,,
We wanted a better designed boat, and after being frustrated with the current vendors, we decided, it would be in our better interest to design our own boats..
And,, not a single guide who has worked for me, would argue that fact. We have the best. Our paddles are the same. Slightly wider, and the best shafts in the industry.
We have exactly what is needed for whatever size group. I am always up for a challenge,, so,, if you think you have a group too large for us,, I am thinking around 1000 people Fully Guided in a day.. If you are somewhat flexible, I’ll bet we can easily do what most say can’t be done.. If it is Rental or Guide assisted, don’t worry about a thing,, we can handle it.

So, what does all of that buy you?
We do our best to make sure you get the best value and price you can get when planning your group event.
We are able to give you discounts in several areas, depending on what is best for your particular group.
Give us a call, and tell us what you have in mind for your trip, and we’ll work out rates for you that will surely make you happy and ready to return again and again to the Paddle Inn.
Our Group Rates generally start at groups of 20 or more, since our prices are pretty darn reasonable anyway.

All you have to do is get them here, take care of the paperwork and paying at the counter, and let us handle the rest.. It’s time for you to take a break.. You have worked hard enough.. We’ll have you guys suited up, trip talked, loaded and on your way faster than any other Company on the river.. Don’t take my word for it, I hear this from every Group Customer who comes here after a bad experience somewhere else..

Check out our “Group Leaders Packet” to help you get started. Signup Sheets, Disclaimers, Directions, etc,, are all in there.
Just a few things to make your job a little easier.

If you already did your signup sheets, etc,, and you are just looking for the Group Disclaimer, click here!

The included Liability Waivers will need to be signed by each individual attending the outing.
If the Participant is under the age of 18, and the Guardian for that minor is not coming, have the Guardian sign for the minor, and they are ready to go.

There are text directions if you are planning on having multiple vehicles. Murphy says,, you just might get separated, so every car should have one.

WARNING!!!: Be careful of those with GPS’s.. They just might have you swearing when you get here..
Please verify your GPS against our text directions. Using GPS’s, and Internet mapping programs can sometimes save you 5 miles of driving, and cost you an extra hour of driving time. Trust me,, if it says something other than our Directions,,, Ignore it,, or you won’t be the first to tell me about it when you get here. Ha…



When you plan your Whitewater Rafting Trip, you are planning and setting up the logistics for a semi-complex event. Your planning might include procuring vehicles, purchasing food, securing chaperons and other volunteers, and a whole host of other items that will require you to make purchases based on the your actual group size. If you have 5 or 10 or more cancellations from your group after you have made your purchases, it usually ends up coming out of your pocket. The only way that you will not have that problem is if you collect the funds for your event before your final trip plans are made, making sure everyone knows that these expenses are shared between all who plan to attend.

We will also be planning for your trip.
Prepping your boats, scheduling or securing additional staff and resources for your trip.
We too will be incurring additional costs.
Please be responsible. Please let us know if your numbers change by 7 or 8 or more prior to your trip. That is +/- another guide.
When we commit to our Guides for your Trip, therefore we pay them, even if they are not used on your trip.
As soon as your numbers change, close to your trip, let us know, especially if you are driving an hour or more here. We might be able to shift things around and give trips to the guides we scheduled for your trip, if we know ahead.

If you are new at trip planning, collecting the fees in advance of the trip will save you a lot of headaches.

You will cut down on the number of people that sign up with the intentions that they can back out last minute if they want to, not understanding the logistics and commitments that we are all making. If at the last minute more people want to come, if you can handle it, we almost always can. Fully Guided trips, we might need a little extra notice. Maybe an hour’s notice. We usually over, instead of under staff.

Our “Group Agreement and Cancellation Policy” is included in our “Group Leaders Packet“.
We understand the Logistics of Planning trips.. We did quite a few like you are doing now, when we were growing up.
We have only charged a group once, for the Cost of our Guides. We figured it was fair.
They had a 3 hour drive ahead of them, and I had guides scheduled for the trip, that could have had other trips, or could have stayed in bed,, if they had only called to let us know they were not coming, which would have been a three hour notice for the guides scheduled for their trip.

But,, don’t show up “ON Time” at most of our Competitors, and Guided or not, you will get billed for the full number in your trip..
I’m Not Joking.. I hear it all of the time, and we have some pretty dedicated groups because of it.
We have also been burned.. A couple of hundred(direct cost) several times, and $600 another,, after the trip was finished, everyone happy, and the check bounced.. Yea,,, me too.. Especially considering they were from a very upscale population just South of here.
Collect your funds, and this will just about never happen.

See you guys soon..

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