Most of our Group Trips are either Self Guided or Guide Assisted Trips.
Self Guided Trips are what we call Rental Trips, and you are your own Boss and guides.
The Guide Assisted trips are chosen because most trips have enough people that have some skills and would like to help guide.
If you don’t have any in your group who feel comfortable helping to guide, we do offer the Fully Guided Trips.
The costs are progressive for the extra staff needed for your trip.


Our Individual Rates are the best on the river, so you know Our Group Rates are even better. Each group tends to be a little different, so give us a call and tell us what you are planning and when. Let us make some suggestions to you, and you decide what you would like for your group. We’ll make sure you get the best Bang for your Buck. There are many different options that we can offer you to keep your expenses down based on the size of your group, and the activities that your are planning, so give us a call and experience our staff and excellent customer service first hand. Please see our Groups Page.

While Reservations are much appreciated, they are also suggested. If we don’t know you are coming, our boats go out reservations first and walk-ins second. If you have your reservations, we’ll get you taken care of first. Walk-ins are always welcome, and you will be served just as soon as the reservations are cleared. Either way, you won’t be waiting long. Reservations are required during the “off season”, November – March 31st. Your group’s reservation requires full payment or credit card commitment in advance. Trips Go Rain or Shine, so come ready to roll.

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