We appreciate our guests sending us comments and telling us what they thought about their experience with us. We wanted to share a few with you!

Guided Customers Comments

I can’t thank you guys enough! I finally talked my wife into a Guided trip. Our Guide was a 67 year old lady that had more energy, and knew more about the river than anyone else I have ever met. At the end of the trip, my wife said we should do the 1/2 price second trip same day, and make another run. I almost fell down when she said she wanted to go in Duckies. She later told me that if Ardis could do it, she was going to do it. I can’t believe it, but my wife loves it. Thanks Ardis! We both now have a sport we love thanks to you! We’ll be back!
Jim and Susan Wilkes – Birmingham, Al

Our Church group rafted with your company on Tuesday. Your guides were some of the most interesting people. The trip started out calm and precise. Just as we got comfortable, the guides started having fun with us. The one member we had with us that I thought might be scared was having more fun than all of us combined. The guides were so respectful, and caring. The guide you called “Bull”. I just wanted to “Squeeze” him! When I first saw him, I didn’t know what to think, but he was a big Teddy Bear with a heart for Children like I have never seen! Thank you and God Bless you. We have all of you in our Prayers.
T Bourgeois – Picayune, Ms

Hi! We just got home from our weekend on the Nantahala and just wanted to let you know we appreciate your hospitality. The campground was great and the rafting was as well. Thanks for everything we can’t wait for another weekend up there! Say hello to Captain Ron for us. He was a fantastic!
Carlton Rivers, Baton Rouge, La.

I was sorry to hear about Sonny and his dog Biscuit. He had taken my family down the river many times. But when we went with Ron, It brought back memories. I’ve never laughed so much in all of my life! Thanks again, and keep up with these guides. They are the best on the river.
Becky Mabry, Cleveland Tn.

We rafted last week with another company, and our guide was having all sorts of problems. We were wedged on a rock just before the rapid called the bump, and we had tried everything, but nothing was working. The other companies just floated by us, laughing and making comments to our guide about being stuck. Even one of the same company boats passed by us. One of your guides stopped, and took at least 15 minutes to get us moving again. He was so kind and considerate to us, and the guide, and he made it a learning experience for all of us. He showed us this system called a Z-Drag, and the boaters knot, while helping us to get free. When I walked out on the porch this morning, my husband was practicing the boaters knot, and trying to remember how to do the Z-Drag. Please tell Brenner that he is the greatest, and we are bringing the kids and their families up next month, and we want to request him as our guide, and if your other guides are also like Brenner, I am sure our kids will want guides also.
Marlene Johnson, Cartersville Ga.

Large Group Customers

I have planned many trips for our guests over the last three years. I had chosen to deal with the largest Company on the river for several years now, and I had no idea how wrong a person could be for thinking the biggest was the best. I could see the difference in how our guests were treated immediately. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for extending the same Customer Service Excellence to our customers, as we strive to deliver to them ourselves.
B. Watson, Best Western

Our family reunion was a huge success. When you said our group was no problem, I had this funny little feeling in my stomach.Some in my family can be real headaches. My uncle Carl is the worst. He can spoil things for everyone, and he did not want to go anyway. When your Mom got through with him, all he could do was smile. I heard him tell his brother,, “I don’t know what that Lady is selling, but I am sure going to buy some of it”. Thanks so much Mom. You are not going to believe this, but Uncle Carl is already making our plans for next year to come and do the same with you guys.
S. Easton, West Palm Beach

Please confirm our booking for June 17 for next year, first trip out. Everyone loved the trip so much, we decided on the way home to make it a yearly event. . They didn’t get any argument from me, that was the easiest trip I have ever planned. I am sure that our numbers will be at least the same, so plan on 200 rafters again, and I’ll give you an update when we get our final numbers.
Peggy M. Dalton, Ga.

This was our third trip with Paddle Inn. Our first was our Youth group of 87. Our next group was the Youth and Young Adults with 232 people. We are hosting a conference this year, and expecting attendance of near 600. It will be amazing to watch your company handle this crowd. I have no doubt in my mind that you will amaze me again. I love to see your company operate. No one seems to think it is a big deal, and everyone is so proficient and happy about what they are doing, people just can’t help but have a good time. I understand you have a pretty extensive training program for your workers. I wish I could send a few of mine to you for the Summer. I know you said not to worry, but Wow,, I wish I had your crew here to help me during the week before our rafting trip. I know the day that we come rafting will be the easiest day of the week for me. Love you guys, and see you next year!
Wendy Peters, FBC

I wanted to say thank you for being so easy to work with, and being so flexible. I did not collect the money from everyone before the trip. It was storming here when we left, so I had a lot of dropouts. Had I been dealing with another company, this would have been extremely embarrasing. We drove in the rain the whole trip, but when we arrived in the Gorge Area, it was beautiful, and the Sun shined all day. We played the CD for the Church on Sunday. It was hilarious. Half of the church was crying, and they never left their seats.. I have a new job now at the church. They have asked me to be the activities director. I think I am at a bit of a disadvantage. How am I ever going to be able to top a Nantahala Rafting trip with Paddle Inn? Thank you so much for your help. I hope you don’t mind, but I will be using your Group Packet information to help me plan all of my other trips, to keep from making errors like the last. If I had only read it before I planned this trip.
God Bless You, and we will see you next year.
Barbara Beech, Augusta, Ga.

I took the advice of some friends, and brought our employees out for their yearly appreciation activity. Last year, it took us 6 hours to get our crew on and off of the river with another company. You guys are great. That was so smooth, and worked so well. I was very pleased with your service. It is hard to find activites for large groups like ours. Thank you so much for the great time
Robert Penton, Sarasota Fl.

We just had to compliment your guides formally. I think it was much more fun having guides spread out between the trip, rather than guides in every boat. Your guides were very respectful of the girls, even though they solicit other behavior from most river guides. They were fun, and they were clean cut, and the girls loved them. Not one bad word about any of the guides. And, that is amazing by itself. Just looking at the guides, I thought it would be a repeat of other trips with other companies. The girls had them pegged for “cool” guides. It was almost like traveling with a different group of girls after the trip. You have a great crew. Keep it up.Kathy Pittman, Cameron Girl Center

“Be Your Own Boss” Rental Customers Comments

My family, friends and I have been using you guys for years. We always feel like we get a quality experience at the best price. Thank you so much!
B. Stanford – Atlanta, Ga.

We come every year to camp and raft. We love it, ya’ll are the greatest!
B. Holmes- Bluffton, SC

My Son attended a Summer Camp which went rafting with your facility. My Son had so much fun that he would not quit until his Mom and I promised to take him back to North Carolina to Raft. I was amazed that an eleven year old would insist on going back to the Paddle Inn. After our trip with Ardis, Mark and the staff, I can sure see why! That is the best little vacation we have ever had together, and the weather up in the gorge was incredible. Thank you so much! It truly was a “Beat the Heat Vacation”.
J.Latimer – Jacksonville, Fl

I have been rafting with several other outfitters on the Nantahala River. My friends told me that I was stupid for not rafting with Paddle Inn. I decided to try you guys this year, and, I’m happy to say, I have to agree with my friends. I had a great time with you folks. I’ll never go anywhere else again!
D.Taylor – Alpharetta, Ga.

I learned more listening to your Safety and River Instruction last Saturday, than all of the other instructions that I have heard at other companies combined. It was amazing to me how much easier running the river was with your little tips and tricks. After the family all rafted together, I decided it was time to take a shot at the tongue run at the falls in a single duckie for the first time. I didn’t hit it just perfect, but the tips that you gave during the duckie instruction saved me at the falls! You Guys are Absolutely Amazing. We are coming to Paddle Inn again!
J. Watts – Sarasota, Fl

I bring my guests and visitors rafting with Paddle Inn. They have always have a wonderful experience, and are always ready to return again! Thank You!
G Cooper Marble NC

We come here every year at least once… you guys are the best to deal with!
D McClanahan Iron Station NC

We came up there last year with our family had such a great time decided to plan our summer trip to be with you guys again Thanks
S Jennings Centre, Al

This year will be our 7th year in a row of rafting with Paddle Inn!
C Daves Talking Rock GA

Very nice job on the boat designs. I am an old river guide myself. I guided our boat down the river yesterday. The boats track super well, and they are very quick to respond. You have a very nice design. It makes guiding the boats a real pleasure. See you guys in a couple of weeks. My sister is coming in for the week, and she loves to raft.
Guy Pierce, North Ga.

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