Paddle Inn Rafting Company Songs

Yes, we’ve been accused of having a little fun around here. We love what we do, and we love where we do it. Sometimes we sit around the fire and just pick and sing, and just generally fool around. Sometimes we make up a song or two. It’s a bit funny what runs through your mind when you wake up early in the morning, looking out over the campground. A good cup of coffee in hand, sitting on the front porch watching the early birds stirring. Getting their fires going, cranking up the coffee, some grilling eggs and bacon over the open fire. And next time we get around the fire, the verses start flowing.

Some cute, some funny, and some just down right good! The Call of the Nantahala River (3.8Mb mp3) was recorded in Nashville, TN in a professional recording studio, along with another touching song written about our parents. His other two songs about this area are Lets Go Rafting with Paddle Inn (2.9Mb mp3) and when the time is right, a crazy little song called We’re Strokin’ (1.9Mb mp3) for a line dance that is done with our rafters. Click here for the words to the songs: Call of the Nantahala River, Lets Go Rafting with Paddle Inn, We’re Strokin’. These songs and more along with loads of technical stuff can be found on his massive website:

Michael wrote another song or two about Mom and Dad that really tell the story. Amazing Love (4.0Mb mp3) was the other song that was recorded in Nashville.
Just Wondering Why
(3.6Mb mp3) was another song that was written after Dad began his fight, reminiscing on previous traumatic events in Michael’s life.

Michael Thomas, my older brother is a Software Developer who now lives here on the river with us. He is an independent contractor providing IT training and consulting. His love is his music, dancing and teaching dance, and he loves to enjoy the river. He is one of the best guides on the river and of course he works exclusively for us. When you go down the river with him you will end up singing for sure.

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