Paddle Inn Rafting Company is the only Outfitter on the Nantahala River with River front camping for its guests. The Nantahala River Gorge is largely owned by the USDA Forestry Service, Outfitters, and a few private owners. We are proud to be able to offer “Nantahala Riverside Camping” to our guests.

We have primitive camping on the famous Nantahala White Water Rafting River. There is nothing better after a good day of rafting than to return to your tents and pull up a chair along side of a warm and crackling camp fire. You get the coals just right while the steaks are marinating, and the kids are having a ball with the hot dogs and marshmallows. You sit back, smell the clean air, look at the stars, and listen to the hush of the river. You wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, and while you are soaking up the beauty, you notice the river is now coming in. Get up Kids, its time to go Rafting!

$10.00 night per person

The primitive camping overlooks the banks of the Nantahala River White Water Rafting. Sit and watch the rafts as they meander by you. You’ll always get comments from the rafters about your warm campfire, and you can share comments about the warm coffee the rafters are just now wishing they could get their hands on. Come and have a Great Time!


Camping: We have a great spot right on the river for your group. Spread your tents out, and enjoy the view. Our groups have the entire property to themselves.
Directly across from the campground is our spacious bath house at the Paddle Inn facility. If you are looking for a facility with additional amenities, please see our links page for additional local camping and lodging facilities.

Do you have an RV and Camper trailers that like to come with your group? We have accommodations listed on our links page to resources for Tour Buses to backpackers Tents. Give us a call and we’ll help you get settled.

Michael Thomas has written several songs that were inspired by the Nantahala River, and the Paddle Inn Rafting Company. He is a software developer and song writer who lives here and enjoys getting out on the river. Here is a song that he wrote about the the Campground and the Paddle Inn. It is called “Let’s Go Rafting At Paddle Inn“. The file is about 3 megabytes, so if you have fast access, enjoy. It is an mp3 file. The words to the song are on his site here. It talks about the Nantahala River, the Campground, campfires, grilling eggs and bacon on the fire, mountain views, and having fun. Lets Go Rafting!

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