Nantahala Camping Hotels Motels

Camping in and around the Nantahala River Gorge is an interesting thing.
Over the years, things change as usual, and not always for the better. But, we know the system, and we can give you the short and skinny saving you time and headaches in getting where you want to be. When you come here, you will be either Tenting, staying in an RV, or relaxing in a nearby Cabin/Hotel/Motel, etc.
Anything not in the Gorge is going to be 20 minutes away.
We’ll give you our recommendations, and other resources if you care to investigate even further.

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The links are broken down into “Camping Types” “Lodging” , and are from Closest to the Outpost, to furthest away from the Outpost.

If you stay somewhere else, and enjoyed it, please ask the owners to put a link to Paddle Inn on their site, and send us some information so we can add them to our site.

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