SUMMER CAMPS AND DAY CAMPS: You are Missing out if you are not Rafting!

Camps with Rafting as one of their Activities are the camps that are doing quite well. It’s an activity that everyone talks about when they get home.  Do you have a website? Post the Photos of your trip on your website, and watch your traffic skyrocket.. Post them once per week, and watch how many others are interested in seeing the photos, and getting the chance to raft with you next season, or next camp session.
You work your staff pretty hard during the week too.. They need time to run errands and take a breather alone for a bit. How about a half day or more off for half of your staff while the kids go rafting? I know what you are thinking.. Hey,, this rafting could be a good activity, and most of the counselors would love to take a few hours off, and be glad to get off of the clock for a bit. Let us take care of them for you for a couple of hours while they are here, and driving back and forth.
Insurance problems? We deal with that too..
If you are interested in including White Water Rafting on the Nantahala River as part of your activities list at your Day Camp, give us a call.  If you commit to sending your Campers rafting during  your season, I’m sure we can work out something beneficial to both Companies.  Adding an exciting activity like White Water Rafting to your list of activities will help give your establishment the boost it needs to reach more Campers. The “word of mouth” advertising you get from your patrons will go much further than any other sort of advertising that you might be doing currently. We have Rafting T-Shirts for $12.00 each tax included, not the typical $21.00-$24.00.  And they are conversation topics, and when the kids are asked,, “We went White Water Rafting while we were at Camp”.. The T-shirt does what we need it to do, and the kids do what you need the to do.. It’s a win win..
Think about it, and give us a call. I know you’ll agree with the rest of the camps who are benefiting from Rafting as one of their Adventures.  It is always the #1 choice at Camp.

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