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We have a Pre-Season and Post Season Rafting Schedules.

Pre-Season Rafting Schedule:
April-May (Until Memorial Day Weekend)
(Sun-Friday) ONE TRIP at 11AM..
(Saturday) From 11AM until 1PM..

Post Season Rafting Schedule:
(Sun-Fri After Second Week of August)
Saturdays after Labor Day until we close.
(Sun-Friday) One Trip at 11AM..
(Saturdays ) 11AM until 1PM..

If you have a larger group and these times are not within your schedule, please contact the office and we will make arrangements.

Mobile Reservations Form

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    Choose your time based on the Pre/Post, and Regular/Peak Season Schedule above.
  • Groups: What name will your Reservations be under?
  • Please leave your Cellphone, in case we need to contact you for some reason.. We won't call unless we need to.
  • How many people will be Rafting
    Fully Guided puts a Guide in your Boat. Guide Assisted is for Groups of 8 or more, who want a guide in Every other boat approximately, Self Guided or Rental = you will guide your own boat.
    # of Guided Trip Rafts will be determined by our office. If you want a mixture of Ducks, or Ducks and Rafts, please leave your quantities in the Comments Section.

Thank you for your Reservation.

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